Portable Aquaponics Green House

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What is Aquaponics?

Technique for growing plants without using any soil, plants are fed with nutrients directly in the water where the roots grow.


Executive Summary



  • Making portable and convenient aquaponics technology, so everyone can afford and use to grow their own vegetable.
  • Sustainable, reliable, effective and profitable business
  • Scio economic development

"Goals and Objectives"

  • Introduces the next generation portable green house aquaponics in South Korea market and beyond the boarders.
  • To create new opportunities and explore new dimension .
  • Promote healthy eating, healthy life and reliable food.

Philosophy/ Values 

  • Our Business is for the community better health benefit, economic and sustainable supply.
  • Contribute globally exploring the next step to aquaponics as means to easy access to food.
  • To grow organic foods and improve our longitivity.

Our Business is for the community


To deliver the system, technology and knowledge of aquaponics farming to global 


To educate everyone in South Korea about the aquaponics and how to be self-sufficient.  


To make portable aquaponics very convenient and use it every day for better life 


To help poor people around the globe to avail organic food 


Target Market
- Vegan, vegetarian, health cautious individuals, old age and farm lover

- Asia Pacific region 


Growing Food Should Be Easy.

“Many people don’t have the time, space or the expertise to grow their own food. We make it easy to grow fresh, delicious food year-round -- in rain, snow, or sleet -- using advanced technology and our plug-and-play systems.” 

Understanding the Story of Our Food.

“We have a right to know where our food comes from - how it’s grown, where it’s grown and who is growing it. We believe food grown where you are is better for our health, our environments, and our taste buds.” 

Waste Less, Grow More.

“The old ways of growing good are resource inefficient, translating to wasted water and land use.” 

"How Did We Get Here?"

Following are the reasons that got us here;

  • Most of the vegetables are grown purely for commercial purpose where lots of chemical fertilizer and pesticides are used.
  •  These vegetables are not pure organic and hence does not provide the natural nutrients instead it poses a threat to our health in long run. 
  • The vegetable we buy from our local market are very expensive now days.
  • The entire glob, entire humanity is facing the lack of food sovereignty as the inflation hits the markets with frequent increasing prices
  •  Some wanted to grow their vegetables but to no avail as there is no space for the kitchen garden.
  • The vegetable and fruits are perishable in nature, hence storage and preservation is the big challenge.
  • The environment impact is huge due to chemical fertilizer.

"Available Options"

Following are the Alternative strategies;
We started with the usual green house and backyard aquaponics to understand and experienced


Above picture shows Our Initial Research studies on the aquaponics Technology (at Thimphu, Bhutan) For more please refer the Face book link

With the initial research, we are now moving forward integrating the aquaponics with the mobile application technology calling it as the next generation aquaponics.

"Sales by Product Type "


Values form the portable aquaponics 


It is very Organic


365 days (all round the year) production


Healthier, clean and tasty vegetable products


Cheaper than the market store


Renewable and natural process.


Integrating with the mobile technology provides
    control with one touch of figure tip

Social/environmental impact


Organic product


Food sufficiency


Educational purposes. (photosynthesis and plant germination process)


Practicing sustainable development


Preservation of environment and nature.

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